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Nabuno is the UKโ€™s only dedicated salon industry education portal with the power to connect invested Learners with quality education opportunities provided by our approved Education Providers.

Nabuno was founded from a desire to inspire and promote good education practices within the salon industry โ€“ a one stop shop for high-quality courses, resources and information to help our Learners grow not only their education, but their industry and business knowledge too.

The challenges facing Educators...

As an education provider, you may face challenges such as:

  • Struggling to balance your focus between building your academy and maintaining your successful salon simultaneously.
  • Difficulty in finding and attracting learners.
  • Unable to find a suitable Learning Management System (LMS) that supports your growth and assists your education business.
  • Lacking expertise or time to manage online platforms and social media effectively.
  • Wanting to expand your course offerings and establish your own brand alongside your existing partnerships.

In an ideal scenario, you would have ample time and resources to write, create, design, and upload courses to an LMS that showcases your offerings. Additionally, you would have dedicated support to promote your courses across various social media channels. Being part of a directory of reputable education providers, all following a strict Code of Practice, would be advantageous. Furthermore, having an email system integrated with your LMS to inform your database about available courses/events and running effective social media and pay-per-click advertising campaigns would contribute to your success. Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) and having industry experts available for support would be valuable as well.

This is precisely what Nabuno is designed to do!

You can focus on creating course content and uploading resources to your Nabuno LMS dashboard, while we handle the rest according to your chosen plan package.

Learners searching for salon education...

Learners in the salon industry face the following challenges:

  • Finding high-quality courses from reputable sources
  • Connecting with reliable & professional Education Providers
  • Paying twice when you select the wrong course
  • Endless online searching & being inundated with low-quality, not fit-for-purpose courses

Nabuno is here to help!

For Learners, Nabuno is a one stop shop for education information, resources, and courses you can trust. With so many low quality and discounted courses being promoted online, it can be hard to find a trusted course provider.

  • Search for courses you know you can trust by region, provider, star-rating and moreโ€ฆ
  • All levels of learning from beginner to advanced
  • CPD, trouble shooting and 1-2-1 courses
  • Nabuno Education Providers are bound by our Code of Practice
  • Free education and business resources to help you grow
  • Events & workshops across the UK
  • Access to The Oracle โ€“ Nabunoโ€™s online information zone

By addressing these challenges and offering these benefits, Nabuno aims to empower and guide learners in the salon industry.ย 

Team nabuno...

The Nabuno concept is the innovation of industry veteran and award winning salon professional, Sue Davies, who is joined by online and marketing specialist, Diane Hughes.

Sue & Diane have worked together for 9 years and Nabuno has been a big part of that working partnership. Nabuno brings the knowledge of the salon industry together with a broad knowledge of business marketing and online presence.

Watch our videos

Watch our recording of Nabunoโ€™s information webinar: Tuesday 21 March 7pm. Founders, Sue & Diane explain what nabuno can offer and how being part of Nabuno can benefit you and your academy, how you join, what it will mean to be an Education Provider who joins us as a founder member, and the benefits of being a part of a salon industry dedicated education platform.