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What is nabuno?

nabuno (pronounced na-boon-oh) is the first ever dedicated nail, beauty & hair education site.  Everyone asks where the name came from and it stems from an African god called Nabu, who represents wisdom and writing and the whole point of nabuno is so you “know” more.  It’s all about the knowledge and growing you as a professional.

Born from a desire to inspire and promote good education practices within our industry and help Learners of all levels locate quality education within their desired skill base and beyond.  Whether this your first course, or you’ve been in industry for several years or a lifetime, we hope you will be able to find the course that will start a new journey or maybe just refresh or update a skill. 

The nabuno team have a wide experience in the salon industry and within marketing and media so we know we will bring Education Providers a great opportunity to highlight their academies and courses.

We welcome collaboration with other organisations that meet our criteria of high standards and who can provide helpful services or products for our community. 

nabuno Learners

We have a searchable “Find My Course” facility where Education Providers are able to showcase their training facilities and course options. This gives Education Providers the opportunity to tell you who they are, what they offer, when their next course is and where they are located. 

Learners from all backgrounds and levels can search courses by course and certification type, location, reviews, skill level and more. With our ethos being on quality education not cheap education our search facility does not include a price search. 

nabuno Educators

There is a tiered system for nabuno Education Providers allowing for all budgets and sizes of academy.  To ensure quality all Education Providers will be required to prove their formal Ofqual education qualifications and provide evidence of their accreditation or awarding body approval. 

Learners are able to review Education Providers in an exclusive educational environment providing a positive legacy following the academy.  nabuno do not provide search on price as we feel that this is not the most important thing in education.  Education should be based on what is on offer and the value that education provides rather than who’s cheapest. 

nabuno Community

Guest blogs, affiliated training providers, free and paid for tutorials by leading industry faces, business start-up and development information.  We want both our Learners and our Education Providers to be able to utilise the resources offered by nabuno and to be able generate their own contributions to the community. 

If you have information you’d like to share, please get in touch at community@nabuno.com

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