How using a Learning Management System Can Help Grow Your Salon Academy

Managing a training academy can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to balance building and promoting your business while also ensuring your students are receiving quality education.ย  In the salon industry you can also often add managing a working salon business alongside too! ย There’s a solution though which can help streamline your operations and save you valuable time – a learning management system (LMS).ย  There are many out there, but Nabuno offers an LMS unlike any other available to salon industry education providers that allows you to be part of an industry wide course directory, weโ€™ll also optimise your academy details for easier location online by learners, and Nabuno will also promote featured academies and courses across our social media platforms, extending your overall online reach.

Nabunoโ€™s LMS can help you efficiently manage your salon academy and students. Here are some ways it can benefit your business:

Save You Time

Handling everything involved in the administration and delivery of your courses manually can be time-consuming and even overwhelming at times. With Nabuno’s LMS, you can automate tasks like course creation, student enrolment, grading, and reporting. This allows you to focus on what you do best – teaching – while saving you time and hassle.ย 

Build Your Business

Promoting your courses and reaching learners who are interested in your services can be a challenge. With Nabuno’s LMS, you can create and share course content while connecting with a wider audience through the platform’s course directory. This means you can grow your business and reach new learners who are keen to learn from you.ย  We also offer opportunities to share your knowledge and expertise through the Nabuno Oracle.ย ย 

Manage Your Students

Once youโ€™ve begun to grow your academy you may be finding that managing a large number of learners can be a lot to do and you may need extra time or support, but Nabuno’s LMS provides a platform for efficient communication, collaboration, and progress tracking. You can engage with your learners through messaging, forums, and webinars. You can also collaborate with other educators to share resources and ideas, and track your learners’ progress, including attendance, grades, and completion rates. Nabuno will even give you a certificate builder so you can automate your certificate management!

We know how much Nabuno and the platform LMS can add an excellent set of tools for your academy, allowing you to save time, build your business, and manage your students more efficiently. With Nabuno, you can access all the features you need to streamline your business and provide top-notch education to your learners. So why not give Nabuno a try and take your salon academy to the next level?



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