For Learners, Nabuno is a one stop shop for education information, resources, and courses you can trust. With so many low quality and discounted courses being promoted online, it can be hard to find the education that will serve you best

The challenges facing learners searching for education within the salon industry...

  • Finding high-quality education from reputable sources and understanding how to recognise the red flags of a low-quality course
  • Connecting with reliable & professional Education Providers
  • Paying for a course that did not meet your needs or expectations and having to pay twice
  • Overwhelmed by online searching & being inundated with lowquality, not fit-for-purpose courses

For Learners, Nabuno gives you:

  • Search for courses you know you can trust by region, provider, starrating and more…
  • All levels of learning from beginner to advanced including troubleshooting, 1-2-1 and blended learning
  • All Nabuno Education Providers have been verified through our onboarding process to ensure they provide quality education and service in line with our code of practise
  • A library of digital resources to help you grow and support your learning journey with Nabuno’s Oracle
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