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Nabuno and you – our guidelines for a positive experience

How to be a great Nabuno-er
What happens if you cause a few ripples
When Nabuno has to step in

We hope you find the Nabuno community an inspiring place to visit.  We hope you’ll agree that there’s a great deal of inspiring and useful information and you get to hear from industry specialists and other professionals. and lots of people just like you? Reviews, blogs, articles, videos, and more are a great way to find out everything you could possibly need to know about joining or growing in the salon industry.  To make sure things stay open and honest, it really helps if we’re all following the same rules.

So, for our community’s own good, our guidelines are as follows:

How to be a great Nabuno-er:

How to make sure you get the best Nabuno experience

Join in We love hearing and sharing your experiences with you.  If you’re a Learner, Education Provider, Affiliate or Industry Influencer we’re sure you have something to say that others would find useful.   We have Nabuno Oracle, our blog area, where you can input your experiences, thoughts and lessons for students or your peers to benefit from.

Constructive Critique Let us know what could have been a better experience.  Be professional and give a good account or tell us why you felt let down by your experience.  If you are clear and concise our other users can benefit from your words and both ourselves and the Education Provider (if it relates to a course) can make sure they also learn from your concerns.

Politeness We are an assorted group here on Nabuno with often differing opinions.   Please ensure you are respectful of other people’s opinions and remember it’s just that – an opinion or just their point of view.  Remember that and you can’t be offended.  It’s only another person’s view not a personal attack.  How you react is your choice.

Say What You See Wherever you see good things on or about Nabuno please share the love and like it, give us a thumbs up or a happy face.  If you read a review or comment that helps you, click that emoji.  On the other end of this, if you see abusive comments, images or anything that violates our community guidelines, report it at

Interacting with Nabuno We’d ask that you try and make sure your comments/reviews are as clear as possible so they can be appreciated by others easily.  So please do not swear or SHOUT and keep it light and friendly with a bit of punctuation. 

The nitty gritty of business On Nabuno, every Education Provider has a shop window to the world at large and the opportunity to show themselves using the best resources available.  To help Education Providers, Nabuno gives opportunities to get more involved by means of responding to reviews, adding to Nabuno Oracle and being part of the Nabuno community.  Nabuno gives the opportunity to have an open communication with Learners and to make sure any difficulties are ironed out smoothly and quickly.  Building and maintaining your reputation is what Nabuno is all about so get your Learners to join your fanbase and leave you reviews.

The safety bit Don’t share your personal information on public areas of Nabuno.  Remember this is open to the whole world and things you say today often stay there forever.  If you are concerned for your safety in any way and you feel the danger is imminent, please contact the relevant emergency services.  If your concerns are less urgent, please notify us in the first instance and we will ensure your safety is maintained. 

What happens to the ripple makers?

Why we’d remove you from our community

The Truth and Nothing But The Truth When a Learner has completed a transaction with an Education Provider (whether this is a course or the purchase of a digital resource) they will be given the opportunity to write a review.  This must be professional, based on a real experience, fair and accurate.  Remember, this is the Education Provider’s livelihood and think how you’d feel to be on the other end.  If you have a complaint, consider that maybe you should go through that process BEFORE reviewing their business.  If you’re an Education Provider and you’re thinking about utilising professional review writers remember that reviewers must have gone through our system to be able to review you.  If you attempt this and get caught out remember, that’s not something we can condone and we may need to consider further action, please see “6.  The Legal Bit”—below.

Faking it as Ms A N Other We would hope that we’re all grown-ups on Nabuno and that no one would stoop so low as to set up bogus profiles either as a Learner or an Education Provider.  This type of behaviour when trying to promote your business, or worse, to give false information about a competitor, will not be tolerated.  If you do this and consequently misrepresent yourself, give false credentials or lie about your experience, expertise, give advice that could lead to someone’s harm or mislead people in any other way you could be breaking the law—take a look at “6.  The Legal Bit”—below. This applies to all members of the Nabuno community.

Be a peacekeeper, not a fighter, Nabuno is a place for love of our industry and not for threats, aggressive attacks, personal comments or hateful, bigoted, or racist speech. We are a happy community with diverse beliefs, opinions, and backgrounds, so please be respectful, remember an opinion is just that and it doesn’t need to change your mindset for the day.

Keep it clean With this in mind; no swear words, no vulgarity or sexually explicit language or images.  No lewd requests and please don’t SHOUT entirely in CAPS, you may want to make a point but it’s just not necessary.

Spam Free Zone We won’t tolerate any unsolicited advertising in reviews, comments or other content.  There are places for this on Nabuno and if you wish to take up any advertising opportunities you can do so by emailing  Any obvious unauthorised advertising will be deleted immediately.  This will include, but is not limited to, posting links, HTML, giving contact information or to provide information that is unrelated to the topic in order to profit personally or financially. It is forbidden to send bulk messages to promote your business or products outside of your own Educator Dashboard.

The Legal Bit   We don’t want to get serious but make sure you don’t break the law and give us the need to call in the authorities.  To make sure you don’t break the law please make sure you don’t do the following:

Paying someone to submit content or fake reviews that benefit you financially or personally

Don’t breach copyright and trademark laws.  Want to share something that’s not yours?  Make sure you credit the creator

Obtaining people’s information under false pretences

Hacking Nabuno and its private or unauthorised places with the intent of causing harm or stealing or even just because you can

No slander, libellous statements, threats or harassment, invasion of peoples’ privacy or pretending to be someone else or something you are not

Nabuno will endeavour to do whatever we can to protect our site from bogus reviews.  If we do discover fake reviews, or any fraudulent activity, we will remove them immediately and do everything we can to make sure that those involved are penalised appropriately within the community system and removed where necessary.  If any legal questions are raised as a result, we will notify the appropriate authorities.

As a business owner, commissioning or paying for reviews violates the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD), and the UK UCPD.  These guidelines give protection to the public and mean companies and sole traders can’t pay someone to post reviews or write blogs about their own companies without fully disclosing the fact.  This can lead to civil and criminal penalties.

When Nabuno has to step in

Nabuno does not edit the content of reviews, comments or other third-party content on our website or mobile platforms.  Nevertheless, we reserve the right to remove inappropriate content or content in violation of the Nabuno guidelines or the terms of use.  Any breaches may result in the termination of your Nabuno account without warning depending on the seriousness of the breach.

Our community guidelines have been written for the protection of you and the Nabuno community. If you think something needs improving, adding, or have any other feedback, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts at