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Save ยฃ98 per year with our annual payment option
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Everything with the Pro package, plus
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Save ยฃ98 per year with our annual payment option
Enterprise Annual

Up to 15 live courses

Billed Annually
Save ยฃ198 per year with our annual payment option
Everything with the Pro package, plus
Business Annual

Unlimited live courses

Billed Annually
Save ยฃ250 per year with our annual payment option
Everything with the Pro & Enterprise package, plus

Nabuno gives you…

  • Time to grow your business instead of spending hours trying to understand algorithms and the wonders of the internet
  • A Learning Management System to support you and your students, manage your courses, resources and organise student progress
  • Visibility on the Nabuno Education Provider Directory created specifically for education in the salon industry

Are you finding "doing it all" a tad overwhelming?

Building your brand, attracting students, and administrating your courses can be a full-time job, let alone delivering the course and passing on your knowledge, which letโ€™s face it, is the reason you go into education.

Most Education Providers want to get to the nitty gritty of passing on that knowledge, skill or technique to their Learners and all the other stuff just gets in the way. Our creator and founder, Sue Davies, knows only too well the challenges of running an existing salon, whilst also operating an academy which is the format so many academies start in. Working longer hours and 7 days a week to build and grow the academy to create successful learners, Sue recognised that her challenges were shared across this growing sector within the salon industry.

You may already have taken the leap away from the salon and have a full-time academy and are finding it hard managing the leads, admin and more that comes with a bigger academy.

If like Sue, you feel frustrated trying to divide yourself in two and find time, motivation, and the knowledge to build your academy brand online thenโ€ฆ

Nabuno can help!

Dreaming of that successful training academy that is a great addition to your existing business? Or maybe youโ€™ve built something great already and want to take some of the pressure off? Either way you may be fed up or struggling with some of these โ€ฆ

  • Trying to split yourself down the middle between building and promoting your salon and your academy at the same time
  • Struggling to find learners that are really invested in their education and want to learn from a true professional
  • Overwhelmed with trying to manage all aspects of student management and the admin that comes with it.ย 
  • Not being social media/online savvy and find keeping up with algorithm changes a headache
  • Maybe you have the all the social media skills but could do with a little support
  • Educating with a great brand but want to branch out and grow your own academy with your own course content too
  • Competing with cheap courses and poor-quality education that learners donโ€™t realise are not the way into industry
  • Just getting your academy started and off the ground
  • Managing a collection of regional educators and keeping their courses active
  • Keeping track of your learnersโ€™ progress
  • Not understanding SEO and how it can impact your business
  • Feeling like a small fish in a big ocean and struggle to get your name out there
  • Keeping your own CPD on track and recorded
  • Being recognised by your learners and having a clear and industry relevant review system you can use outside of social media

These are just a few of the reasons that Nabuno has been created to help, thereโ€™s many more, but we want you to be with us not just scrolling to get to the end of this pageโ€ฆ

Until now education venues have had to work super hard just to get to a point of delivering the information/skill/technique to their learners. Starting with course creation, resource development, learning outcomes and all that other development work.

Then youโ€™ve got to promote the courses on your own site and on social media/search engines, sign up the learners, take payments, manage onboarding, organise resource delivery, plan your teaching days, deliver the course, assess the learners, manage their homework, manage post course admin, and finally hand over that certificate!

Wow thatโ€™s a lot! No wonder you sometimes get a bit overwhelmed trying to do it all. No doubt youโ€™re also possibly paying for social media advertising, google advertising, a Learning Management System, someone to take your bookings, the list will vary from academy to academy, but it doesnโ€™t have to be this way.

How can we help you and your business? What we offerโ€ฆ.

  • A one stop education platform created specifically for the salon and personal care industry. Whether you are in beauty, hair, nails, holistic/complementary, wellness or fitness/nutrition, Nabuno is for YOU!
  • A fantastic, easy to use Learning Management System that delivers your text, video, and PDF resources, manages your students. With student reviews and you can benefit from drip feed, quizzes, assignments, gradings, email, webinars and more for your course content!
  • As part of the LMS you also benefit from a student management and communication system so you can keep in touch with your database
  • Integrated payment system with Stripe so you know youโ€™ll get your payments promptly.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the Nabuno Oracle which is our mine of information with blogs, vlogs and full of information for you and your Learners
  • Live directory for all our approved Education Providers
  • All Education Providers must meet our strict criteria and agree to abide to our Code of Practice.
  • Nabuno will provide you with online/social media promotions for your courses and academy (varies per subscription level).
  • We help you reach the learners who want to be part of this amazing industry.
  • We use our SEO knowledge to help your courses hosted on the Nabuno portal.
  • Multiple levels to join at including Pro, Enterprise and Business and we have Plus levels for Enterprise and Business for those Education Providers with satellite or regional centres.
  • A place to manage your own CPD and encourage your learners to do the same! (COMING SOON)

With all these benefits you will have more time to focus on the good stuff โ€“ growing your business and teaching and maybe even stopping for lunch! We will help you take the steps you need to make progress in your education business using the Nabuno education platform.

4 easy stepsโ€ฆ

  • Register your account and select your plan
  • Upload your business details and show us you are a salon professional
  • Load your course details and materials
  • Youโ€™re ready to go!

If you need any support, weโ€™re here to help you on board!

* Founder Member lifelong discount is only valid on your first sign up to your selected plan. If you wish to cancel your plan and return later the same discount and offer will not be available. The discount only applies to your initial selected plan and if you choose to upgrade later you will be charged at the full amount. This offer will only be available as we launch and will not be repeated. Founder Members must be aware and accept that the discount is provided as a thank you for putting your business with Nabuno as we launch the first salon industry education platform. Understand that results may not be immediate as we begin to populate the platform and update/amend how the system works as we are in our beta launch phase. Weโ€™d love it if once you have joined, you share that you are a Nabuno Founder Member so we can grow the platform and get the community working for everyone on the platform. Plus plan Educators are not Founder Members and so do not come under the Founder Member discounts. Only the host plan subscriber receives a lifelong discount for their own plan.