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Booking Terms & Conditions


Booked Course/Event means an educational course or event at a specific date or time with a specific Education Provider or Partner whether made via nabuno voucher or nabuno sphere purchase

Education Providers means our agreed third party providers of educational courses who offer their courses and services for sale via our Website or other mediums.

Learner “you” and “your” means you, the buyer of any education services

nabuno Voucher means an e-Voucher sold on the nabuno website or other medium which can be redeemed with our agreed Education Providers and Partners who have agreed to offer nabuno Vouchers.

Order is the contract between you and nabuno when purchasing nabuno Vouchers, when you have booked the course/event with the Education Provider or Partner, once the nabuno Voucher has been accepted by the aforementioned Education Provider or when you book directly with an Education Provider or Partner via nabuno sphere.

Order Confirmation As business agents for the Education Providers or Partners we will provide you with a confirmation for the purchase of your nabuno Voucher or where relevant for the confirmation of a booked course via nabuno sphere.  The confirmation is your receipt from nabuno.  If you require a VAT receipt for a nabuno Voucher please request this from  If you require a VAT receipt for any purchases via nabuno sphere you will need to contact the Education Provider or Partner to arrange this as they are VAT registered.

Partner means our agreed third party providers of services other than educational courses who offer their services for sale via our Website or other mediums.

Services means any educational course, event, goods or services of an Education Provider or Partner for booking or purchase via the nabuno website or other mediums.


  • The services and courses you can buy or book at nabuno are sold by our trading partners and not by nabuno.  We have been employed by our Partners as a business agent to arrange and conclude your booking on their behalf.
  • If you pay for courses or services from our Education Partners via our website or other medium using nabuno Vouchers, we may collect and receive the payment on their behalf as their appointed business agent. Your payment to nabuno acts as a receipt and will release your debt for the services provided by our Partner.  Should you purchase through nabuno sphere then your contract for payment is directly with the Education Provider and no debt is held with nabuno.
  • Payment may take the form of a nabuno Voucher which will be purchased from nabuno for redemption with our partners and Education Providers.  If booking through nabuno sphere the payment will be made directly to the Education Provider.  Queries for nabuno Vouchers will be dealt with by nabuno and payment queries for nabuno sphere bookings should be taken up with the Education Provider directly.
  • The contract for any purchased services is between you and the relevant Education Provider or Partner directly.  nabuno accepts no liability for the services or courses from your chosen partner. Should you have any difficulties, or the Partner fails to provide you with your expected outcome then we will do our best to assist to resolve the matter.
  • nabuno Vouchers cannot be used with any of our Education Providers or Partners for courses or events that are not listed on the nabuno advertising platform.
  • Please ensure that all details and items such as pre-requisites for the course or event you wish to book fit with your requirements BEFORE booking. 
  • Should you require support whilst with the Education Provider, either any special learning requirements or any physical disability, this should be notified to the Education Provider BEFORE booking to ensure that they are able to facilitate your requirements.  nabuno and our Education Providers and Partners cannot be held responsible for undisclosed situations.
  • nabuno reserves the right to remove a Learner’s account with nabuno in the unlikely event of an infringement of these Booking Terms and Conditions and/or where the Learner acts in a way that is inappropriate, abusive or otherwise unacceptable towards nabuno staff or that of our partners.  This applies whether the infringement is via written or verbal communication or whilst at the Education Provider’s premises.  Termination of a Learner account may also occur if our nabuno guidelines in relation to reviews and feedback are infringed.

If you need to reschedule or cancel a course or with an Education Provider, and if this is within the Education Provider’s terms and conditions and is not a breach of these Booking Terms & Conditions this can be actioned:

  • directly with the Partner
  • If you wish to cancel an order for a nabuno Voucher or direct booking, and if cancellation is not prohibited by these Booking Terms and Conditions, you should email


    • You may cancel a nabuno Voucher or direct booking within 14 days of receiving your voucher or booking confirmation.  We can offer you a full refund, unless you have already used it to book a course, event or other available option.
    • If you wish to cancel a nabuno Voucher or direct booking after 14 days:
      • You may cancel a direct booking provided the course/event booking is not due to take place in breach of the partner’s terms and conditions.  You should check your terms and conditions with the Education Provider. As long as the cancellation would not breach the terms and conditions of the Education Provider a full refund can be provided.
      • If, however the booking is due to take place after the Education Provider’s terms and conditions permit then you would not be entitled to a refund.
      • If a nabuno Voucher has expired you will not be entitled to a refund.


  • nabuno cares about how you feel when using our services and we aim to have the highest standards possible and, consequently, should you have reason to complain about one of our Education Partners or their Services, we would recommend the following:
    • Speak to the Education Provider or Partner first to try and seek a resolution
    • If this fails, then consider the review you give them as part of the nabuno review service.  Please be fair and give them the opportunity to resolve the issue with you before leaving a negative or low rate review.
    • Email us at or call us on 02032870747 and we’ll do our best to help.
    • Following receipt of a complaint we will contact the Education Provider or Partner to discuss and seek a resolution.  If the matter cannot be resolved following our discussions, we will consider fairness for all parties and nabuno may at our own will choose to provide a credit note for future use to the maximum value of the service originally purchased.  In exceptional circumstances there may be a refund via the original payment method.  Please note that this is not a guaranteed outcome and is subject to circumstances.  This method of refund may take up to 28 days.

It should be noted that nabuno takes all complaints and legitimate dissatisfaction seriously and we will always attempt to seek resolution, but nabuno is not responsible to you for the courses, events or services that the Education Provider or Partner provides and we are therefore not obligated to provide you with a refund or credit note should you not be satisfied with your purchased item.


  • Pricing is controlled by our Education Providers and Partners within course listings and as such nabuno cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.  If for any reason you are overcharged, we will take into consideration how this occurred, and a refund of the difference may be applicable if it is a clear error on the website.
  • Our Education Providers and Partners utilising nabuno sphere booking system have full responsibility for accounting for VAT on their sales.  nabuno does not charge VAT on third party bookings as the contract is between you, the Learner, and the Education Provider or Partner.  Any VAT receipts that are applicable should be sought from the Education Provider or Partner.
  • Payments made on our website for nabuno Vouchers are processed by our merchant services and we endeavour to ensure that this is always available, however we cannot guarantee this.  We also cannot guarantee that this is free of viruses or any errors.  Payment processing times may vary, and the merchant service provider may have times when they need to maintain, update or repair their service.  Where we have notice of any disruption to our services, we will notify our audience.
  • If you are purchasing nabuno Vouchers you will pay for these via our payment function and nabuno will process this payment in its role as business agent for the Education Provider or Partner.


nabuno reserves the right to amend the Booking Terms & Conditions occasionally should there be changes in the methods we use for payment processing, regulatory or legal amendments, or changes to the way we provide our service or do business. 

Whenever you make a payment on the nabuno Website or other mediums the Booking Terms & Conditions in place at that time will apply.  The last date of amendment can be found at the bottom of this document.


If you want to talk to us, please get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to help:



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